- The Washington Times - Sunday, October 26, 2008

Deuce McAllister and Will Smith of the Saints were reportedly among a group of NFL players who tested positive for a diuretic that masks steroid use. Of course, New Orleans plays San Diego in London on Sunday. It’s kind of a do-or-diuretic game.

News item: Plaxico Burress receives three fines from the league totaling $45,000 - not long after being docked a week’s salary ($117,000) by the Giants for missing a team meeting.

Comment: I’m beginning to think Plaxico, in anticipation of an Obama presidency, is trying to get his taxable income under $250,000.


Burress’ latest fines were for verbally abusing an official during the game ($20,000), “inappropriate” comments about the zebras after the game ($20,000) and throwing a football into the stands ($5,000). What was wrong with throwing a ball into the stands, anyway? Was he trying to hit the replay judge?


In response to Troy Polamalu’s comments last week that excessive fines were taking away players’ aggressiveness, Mike Ditka told the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette: “If you want to … get back to where people aren’t striking with the head and using the head as a weapon, take the mask off the helmet. A lot of pretty boys aren’t going to stick their face in there.”

Oh, to be a fly on the wall when the competition committee discussed that one.

“So whattayathink, guys? Five-yard penalty if the tackler drags the ball carrier down by one nostril, 15-yarder if he drags him down by both?”


Still, it would be cool to see the term “deviated septum” return to the football lexicon.


Well, Brett Favre has set another NFL record: most cell-phone controversies in a season (two).

Back in July, you may recall, when he was still the property of Green Bay, Favre was accused of talking to the Vikings on a Packers-issued phone. (Turns out the Packers didn’t issue him a phone.)

Now we have Brett being charged with giving the Lions - via speaker phone in his truck - intelligence about his old team.

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