- The Washington Times - Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Jim Zorn has pushed all the right buttons during the Washington Redskins’ four-game win streak.

His play calling is refreshing and the entire team feeds off his energy and creativity.

His work with Jason Campbell has turned the quarterback into a consistent passer.

And his never-panic attitude was displayed by not chucking the game plan down 14-0 against the Eagles or whacking rookie punter Durant Brooks (although that leash has tightened).

But when it comes to right tackle Jon Jansen, Zorn is on the verge of being 0-for-2.

The first mistake Zorn made with Jansen wasn’t that he benched the veteran before the regular-season opener in favor of Stephon Heyer, but the breakdown in communication that led to Jansen finding out about the potential switch from the media.

When Heyer wrenched his shoulder against Arizona, Jansen got a second chance and has performed well.

The Redskins won at Philadelphia and at Dallas.

The Redskins gave up only three sacks in 63 Campbell drop backs.

The Redskins rushed for 364 yards.

“I’m very pleased with how I’ve played and I’m pleased I’ve been able to add something that’s tangible and something noticeable to the offense,” Jansen said.

Zorn’s second mistake would be reinserting Heyer, who pass protected efficiently but struggled with run blocking during the first three games.

Handed three chances to endorse Jansen on Monday, Zorn wouldn’t budge, making it apparent that Heyer will get his job back.

Question No. 1: “Given the way the line has blocked the last couple weeks and Jon Jansen has been in there and a part of it, would you consider keeping him in there? Has he done enough to keep the job?”

Zorn: “Has he done enough? He has filled that position very well, hasn’t he? I just have to wait and see what’s going on with Stephon Heyer. I’m still hoping he can return and he can step back in. But I’m certainly not disappointed at all … Jon Jansen has played very well in the last two games.”

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