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Howard running back Ramon McElrathbey will fight for yardage against Willie Bodrick, his former teammate at Atlanta’s Mays High School who now stars at cornerback for the Hoyas.

Then there is the curious case of Karlos Whittaker, the Howard running back who transferred from Navy. As a member of the Midshipmen, Whittaker played for a certain no-nonsense authoritarian who currently commandeers the sidelines at Georgetown - Kelly.

“[When told about the Georgetown game last spring] I was like, ‘Yeah!’” Whittaker says. “I just can’t wait to play against him because I knew he was over there.”

On Saturday, two forgotten football programs will try and remind the District of their presence. Georgetown and Howard hope to generate the kind of bitter vitriol only a college football rivalry can produce - and in doing so cross a chasm of culture that has long divided them.

“We are going to be able to show and promote this as a game that should go on every year,” Datcher says. “Not just the game but what kind of atmosphere did it create around the city? This is going to be a test to see where we can go, where we can carry this from here.”