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It earned him a start against Washington State, which led to a performance that drew praise from analysts across the country. Just not from Best himself.

“I think there’s a lot left to get better at,” Best said. “There were a couple bad reads and a couple bad runs. It’s kind of like I’m blessed; I’m still doing pretty good, but there’s still a lot to get better at.”

That can’t be a pleasant prospect for Maryland this week or the rest of the Pac-10 in the next few seasons. Mack believes the 5-foot-10, 193-pounder already has Forsett’s ability to hit holes quickly.

Toss in the speed and the separation it can create and the nascent Heisman hype Best admits he hears but doesn’t pay much attention to could blossom quickly.

“He makes it look simple,” Mack said. “He was just out there running around, and he got the ball, he hit the hole and then he took it. He’s just a really good runner. It didn’t look difficult.”

With that sort of speed, it’s not difficult to believe, either.