- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 11, 2008


Now that the month-long August recess and the major-party conventions are over and our do-nothing Congress finally returned to Washington this week, just three weeks are left to finish the year’s work before the scheduled adjournment at the end of this month.

Among other things that require completion are the fiscal 2009 Defense Authorization Bill, which makes a variety of personnel and benefit changes for all members of the military community; the fiscal 2009 defense appropriations bill, which provides the funding for those things; the fiscal 2009 military construction and VA appropriations bill; and an omnibus appropriations bill to keep the rest of the government running after Sept. 30.

The big problem is that if Congress doesn’t finish the authorization and appropriations bills and just kicks any real action into next year, the Departments of Defense and Veterans Affairs will be left without increased funding to meet growing populations of beneficiaries, and the troops won’t get the pay raise due Jan. 1.

With the 14 percent approval rating this lackluster Democrat-dominated Congress has earned, it is high time that those ineffective lawmakers who don’t produce be voted out of office when applicable in November. Just throw the bums out.





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