- The Washington Times - Thursday, September 11, 2008


As she excites Republican activists, Sarah Palin is also sending tingles up the legs of British conservatives who predict she will propel John McCain to victory, and shudders down the spines of liberals who see the threat she poses to Barack Obama.

Six members of the British Parliament, three from the Conservative Party and three from the Labor Party, gave their candid assessments of the U.S. presidential race Wednesday in a forum hosted by the Meridian International Center in Northwest Washington.

Mark Pritchard, a Conservative, broke the taboo on foreign visitors talking about domestic American issues when he delivered a 10-point list of reasons why Mr. McCain will carry the Republicans back to the White House.

His Labor colleagues grimaced.

“I’ve been advised to stay calm,” quipped Angela E. Smith, a Labor member sitting next to Mr. Pritchard on the panel.

Mr. Pritchard, who appeared with his Conservative colleagues Richard Bacon and Mark G. Hoban, predicted a McCain-Palin victory because:

• The surge in Iraq is working;

• Mr. Obama undermined his message of change by picking Sen. Joseph R. Biden Jr. of Delaware, a 35-year veteran of the Senate, as his running mate;

• Mr. Obama ducked a question about abortion by saying it was “above my pay grade;”

• The media have proved themselves biased in favor of Mr. Obama;

• Mrs. Palin has proved to be a “maverick” as governor of Alaska;

• She will help get the women’s vote;

• Mr. Obama has responded “badly” to the “Palin story;”

• The U.S. economy is not in as bad a shape as Democrats claim;

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