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Viva Pinata: Trouble in Paradise (For Xbox 360, Microsoft, $39.99) - The prettiest garden-building simulation on the planet returns to give even the youngest green thumbs in the family the chance to create a virtual tropical paradise.

First off, let’s forget about the micromanagement of foliage, flowers, ponds, fences, fruit trees and aggressive weeds, the stars of this show are the papier mache wildlife. Specifically, it’s the abundant variety of colorful, candy-consuming pinata species that must be tended as they enhance and wreak havoc on a player’s property.

Trap them, feed them, name them, care for them, send them off to a party and watch the critters positively and negatively interact with one another as a garden expands and flourishes.

A story about the megalomaniacal Professor Pester and his plans for world pinata domination is unnecessary as administering to the exotic ecosystem bursting with Bunnycombs, Sweetles and Whirlms is more than enough fun.

New stuff to the simulation includes another 32 species, a tool to help the creatures perform tricks, themed modules to turn gardens into a pirate cove or haunted graveyard, desert and arctic areas on the island and a Just for Fun mode (an infinite chocolate coin bankroll and no mean pinatas), perfect for the newbie.

This effort’s greatest extra, however, is a cooperative mode where two gardeners (parent-and-youngster bonding alert) in the same room or four online can work together to share the sometimes-complex duties.

Microsoft also adds a real trading card element into the world-building requiring a player hold a Pinata Vision card up (one is included with the game, or print out more at the Web site, to a connected Xbox Live camera to unlock its surprises, but the amount of work involved does not justify the upgrades and visual rewards.

Tiger Woods PGA Tour 2009 (for Xbox 360, Electronic Arts, $59.99) -If I am going to spend the time learning the finer points of golf, then I need to find the guy who actually trained the star of the links.

As luck would have it, Mr. Woods’ coach, Hank Haney, holds a player’s hand while occasionally boring him to death, through the arduous chore of becoming a virtual professional golfer in this premiere simulation.

After creating an avatar - a real lesson in time-wasting minutia led by the tempting option of adding one’s face to the golfer - the player takes a dozen challenging modes of action over 16 courses.

Details down to tuning the clubs, instant swing analysis and dynamic leveling based on performance will exhaust the average gamer who just wants to hack away and master the controller’s analog stick technique or three-click method.

Tiger and his professional buddies look pretty good in digital form while the courses are as frustrating to conquer as they are beautiful. Unfortunately, the tedious color commentary during the action can suck the excitement out of any great shot.

The best new feature allows four online golfers to play simultaneously so the time-consuming turn-taking is no more.

Although I am more drawn to the crazier arcade golf experiences such as Hot Shots, I appreciated the latest Tiger Woods’ epic and so will the most passionate fans of the game.

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