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Court records show he has a criminal record that spans two decades and several states.

Mr. Ryan said he sent a letter of resignation to House Speaker Terie Norelli.

He also said he does not plan to live in Franklin when he gets out of jail.

Parents charged in pedophile ring

PORTLAND, Ore. — An investigator calls it one of the most disturbing cases he’s seen.

A Portland father of three is facing state and federal charges in connection with an international pedophile ring.

Mark Hoffman is accused of sexually abusing his children, photographing them in lascivious positions and sharing those photos online.

His wife faces state charges including mistreatment and tampering with evidence for trying to conceal the photos.

Two of the children, now ages 4 and 5, are in state foster care.

An FBI task force that targets people trafficking in child pornography began the investigation and brought in state and local authorities to assist.

Explanations differ for black bear attacks

KNOXVILLE, Tenn. — Black bears have killed two people in Tennessee and seriously injured several others since 2000, but wildlife officials say they aren’t sure if they are predatory attacks.

Once hunted nearly into obscurity, black bears are on the rebound in much of North America.

An authority on bear attacks, Stephen Herrero of the University of Calgary, told the Knoxville News Sentinel that 62 people have been killed by black bears as attacks on people have increased over the past two decades. He said most of the fatal and serious encounters have occurred in Canada.

Smoky Mountains National Park ranger and bear expert Kim Delozier says black bears see victims as food, and bears appear to target the smallest person around.

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