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• Magic-Aire heater…83.90.

• White sidewall tires..35.00.

• Fender skirts……..26.90.

• Tinted glass……….23.13.

• Engine dress-up kit..21.50.

• Turn indicator…….15.26.

Evidently the original owner decided against getting power brakes, power windows, windshield washers or full wheel covers, thereby saving $128.08.

Inside the cozy cockpit is a foam rubber full-width black and white vinyl-covered bench seat sporting a pattern that suggests bucket seats. On the carpeted driveshaft hump is the automatic transmission gear selector. From the front to the rear the gears are Park-Reverse-Neutral-Drive-Low. “The car starts only in neutral,” Mr. Hartig notes.

A two-spoke steering wheel with a 180-degree horn ring is attached to the telescopic steering column.

When in the driver’s seat Mr. Hartig says forward visibility is superb through the wraparound one-piece windshield. The “see-through” speedometer can register speeds up to 150 mph. Unusual for American cars of that era, the T-Bird came equipped with a tachometer.

The odometer is approaching 58,000 miles -an average of less than 500 miles a year since Mr. Hartig acquired it in 1991.

“The car has been good in the 17 years that I’ve had it,” the satisfied owner says.