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Female drinkers are more likely than male drinkers to abuse drugs and have mental health problems such as depression, anxiety disorders and eating disorders.

Quite a sobering list, don’t you think?

The Amethyst Initiative says if the drinking age were changed (i.e., lowered), states could safeguard young people by setting different rules for on-premise and off-premise alcohol purchases, or allow students to buy only lower-alcohol beverages. Another idea - my favorite - would be to issue students an “alcohol license” after they take a campus alcohol education class.

I have a few thoughts about that student alcohol license:

• Require a minimum grade point average. Any GPA below 3.0 and it’s Hi-C for you.

• Require a no-ticket driving record. Had a fender-bender last summer? Come back in 12 months.

• Require a minimum Body Mass Index. It takes a big man (and a bigger woman) to not act stupid after two alcoholic drinks. BMIs 24 and below need not apply.

• Require an in-person interview with the college or university president, who personally administers the alcohol education and signs the license. Celebratory toast in the dean’s office is optional.

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