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“I would snorkel and spear gun.” - Sen. Barack Obama recalling his youth in Hawaii, asked by Field and Stream magazine if he hunted or fished.

“I fish all the time. I fish for catfish. I fish for bass. I fish for bluegill.” - Sen. John McCain, in the same interview.

Sarahcuda, Caribou Barbie, Lipstick on a Pygmalian, Warrior Princess, Vice President Palin, Arctic Fox, Pontius Palin - Among the nicknames for Mrs. Palin that emerged in the press and online this week.

Tie one on

A sartorial alert for all good Republicans and Democrats, perhaps with disposable funds. Brooks Brothers has just unveiled - or untied, anyway - some very snappy new neckwear. “Election Ties” are now available at stores around the country, including Connecticut Avenue in the District.

Brooks Brothers has dressed plenty of presidents, including John F. Kennedy and even Abraham Lincoln, so they ought to know about the wardrobe factor.

For the discerning Democrat, there’s the Donkey Tie in navy or red, for the gallant GOPer, it’s the Elephant Tie, also in navy and red. The ties are $75 each.

By the numbers

What words do Americans associate with the White House candidates? Here they are in order of the frequency they were cited, according to a Pew Research Center survey of 2,509 voters surveyed Sept. 9 to 14.

Sen. John McCain: Old, patriot, Bush-like, experienced, honest, conservative, hero, leader, strong, good, integrity, maverick, same, trustworthy.

Gov. Sarah Palin: Inexperienced, conservative, strong, refreshing, interesting, good, great, unknown, smart, aggressive, new, confident, energetic, honest.

Sen. Barack Obama: Inexperienced, change, intelligent, young, charismatic, new, energetic, hope, liberal, honest, fresh, scary, different, enthusiastic.

Sen. Joe Biden: Experienced, liberal, old, arrogant, knowledgeable, unknown, confident, qualified, strong, honest, intelligent, politician, idiot, OK.

Days of yore

Hey, flyboys and girls, B-52 drivers, former USAF SAC folks (you know who you are). On this day in 1942, the B-29 Superfortress made its debut flight in Seattle - the largest bomber used in World War II, dreamed up in 1939 by Gen. Hap Arnold to ensure victory over Hitler. The B-29 could just about carry its own weight, at altitudes up to 40,000 feet.

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