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Meanwhile, today is the 44th birthday of comedienne/pundit Janeane Garofalo, born in 1964.

It also marks the official anniversary of Walter Washington, who became the first mayor of Washington on Sept. 28, 1967. Ironically enough, it’s also significant for former D.C. Mayor Marion Barry, who was sentenced to six months in prison for possession of crack cocaine on this day in 1991.

Quotes of note

“I call on the McCain campaign to stop treating Sarah Palin like she is a delicate flower that will wilt at any moment. This woman is from Alaska for crying out loud.” — CNN anchor Campbell Brown.

“I got a little tingle.” — ABC’s “The View” co-host Joy Behar, on meeting former President Bill Clinton.

“Our economy is strong. Our economy is strong. Our economy is strong. Our economy is strong. Our economy is strong. EVERYBODY PANIC!” — Headline from news site.

“I don’t know what a gallon of gas costs up on Capitol Hill. But we sure know what it cost down here in Realityville.” — Lyrics from country singer Aaron Tippin’s new tune “Drill Here, Drill Now.”

Graphic evidence

Fans of Gov. Sarah Palin will be floored. A life-size vinyl wall graphic of the possible vice president is available from WallMonkeys, which normally makes oversized custom graphics for rec rooms and dens.

It is “the must-have item for any political enthusiast,” said Jason Weisenthal, founder of the company.

The 5-foot-6-inch graphic is priced at $70 plus shipping, and is available on the company’s Web site ( There are two versions: the Republican style features party memorabilia and an American flag while a Democratic version offers “alternate images,” like a hockey stick, a shotgun and lipstick.

By the numbers

An informal Washington Times analysis found that 16,438 news stories used the term “Wall Street meltdown” last week. In addition:

4.8 percent: The amount of news coverage devoted to the economy before the aforementioned meltdown.

37 percent: The amount devoted to the economy between Sept. 15 and 21

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