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“Dee was a lighting bolt today,” Jordan said. “It was really great to see. He talks a lot. He’s tough. He pushes the ball. He’s fast, and his shot has really improved. He’s a speed demon out there. That’s something that we haven’t had since I’ve been coaching here, and we welcome that sort of talent.”

Guest coaches

Jordan has a tradition of inviting former NBA coaches to help out during training camp, and this year former Detroit Pistons coach Flip Saunders and former Washington Bullets coach K.C. Jones joined the Wizards.

“I’m proud to have them here,” Jordan said. “They’re both very good defensively. Obviously K.C. is from one era and Flip has done some good things recently. They’ve been in our meetings, they’ve made suggestions on the court. We’re happy to have them around… . Our team respects what they’ve done, they listen, they pay attention and that’s a good thing.”