- The Washington Times - Friday, September 5, 2008


A friend just stopped by. Within a few minutes, we hammered out the following ideas that we think this country needs to fix what ails us.

First, we need a legitimate third party - a party that is liberally minded, fiscally conservative and concerned about our national security and doesn’t care if you are pro-choice or anti-abortion.

Second, presidential terms need to be changed to a single six-year term with certain caveats. A former president may run in the future, but not in succession. Also, we must put in place the ability to vote out residing presidents via a “vote of no confidence” procedure.

Third, U.S. senators and members of Congress must be limited to two successive terms. This could have a slight impact on the existing broken lobbyist mechanism.

Fourth, America must immediately and drastically reduce all foreign subsidies, especially the money we freely give to countries that do not support our own national views. (Look at U.N. voting records.) We also have to stop purchasing oil from countries that hate us and doing business with and/or investing in countries that hate us.

Finally, and most important, we should seriously consider massive increases in the national and state gasoline taxes. Just look at what the recent 15 percent to 20 percent increases in crude-oil prices did for this country, almost instantaneously reducing gasoline usage and dependence. The tax revenues then must be mandated to go to the rebuilding of our own internal infrastructure: new roads, bridges, redevelopment of our downtowns, light rail, etc. We would then be forced into developing more efficient automobiles and means of transportation. This type of legitimate tax could prove to be the most effective and single greatest job-creation program in our nation’s history.

Five simple points that make some sense, that are nonpartisan and are not really politically motivated: What do you think, America?


Mankato, Minn.



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