- The Washington Times - Sunday, September 7, 2008


The vitriolic critics of Alaska Gov. Sarah Palin (“Press turns personal against Palin,” Nation, Thursday) who immediately pounced on her with unwarranted and profoundly nasty attacks are reminiscent of the “Queen Bee syndrome” commonly found in work settings. Symptomatic of this syndrome are individuals who feel extremely threatened by a highly competent professional who shines with proven successes, possesses a strong degree of inner self-confidence, and has the moxie to stand up for what she believes in and fight for it. Mrs. Palin has, with a surprise whirlwind, rocked the boat of those who were sailing in a sea of anticipated expectations which they felt could be combated without too much unnerving time or trouble.

Following her impressive speech at the Republican National Convention, however, the Queen Bees have begun to strike with an all-out attempt to demean and politically destroy her. They even stoop so low as to attack her family by pointing fingers at her pregnant teenage daughter - contrary to past reluctance to blatantly point fingers at former President Bill Clinton when he was having his extramarital dalliances.

The intent behind these actions speaks to the outrageously immature, extremely petty, and acutely demeaning behavior of people who have relegated themselves to a degree of small-mindedness that cannot be surpassed by their own selfish purposes. Regardless of one’s political affiliation or choice of candidates, the partisan and pernicious outcry over the choice of Mrs. Palin as a vice-presidential candidate is one beyond the pale of common decency.


Arlington, Va.



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