- The Washington Times - Tuesday, September 9, 2008


With statistical data available, it is amazing that the presidents of the nation’s best-known universities have succumbed to the Amethyst Initiative movement. The belief that lowering the drinking age would deter college students from the temptation to binge is simply a sociological disorder that justifies the shift of blame and accountability.

This philosophy has proved successful with pornography, abortion and separation of church and state, to name just a few. It is in play for the legalization of drugs and prostitution.

Should this law pass, Mothers Against Drunk Driving has expressed its concern about more fatal car crashes, a statistic that inevitably will increase. Reason, compassion and morals are absent from this equation.

The true adversaries facing college students, in this context, are peer pressure and need for acceptance. The answer is not to be found in changing laws to pacify the guilty of conscience or even turning to modern-day Christendom with its secular practices. Perhaps, just perhaps, the solution can be found within the simplicity of knowing right from wrong.


Evansville, Ind.



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