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Despite getting 11 hits and knocking Florida starter Ricky Nolasco out of the game after four innings with a methodical attack that forced him to throw 80 pitches in that time, Washington couldn’t scratch out more than two runs. Even those came from the periphery of the lineup as Alberto Gonzalez continued his early-season tear with three hits, including a fourth-inning double that scored Jesus Flores all the way from first.

Anderson Hernandez brought Gonzalez in with a single two batters later. But the extra runs never came, and with a margin that close, the game funneled down the drain, as it often does against the Marlins.

“That’s the thing that’s been killing us,” Acta said. “You have to add on when you have the opportunity. It’s a lot of pressure to come in and save the game by one run. He made a mistake and paid for it.”