Dan Daly: Redskins perfect quick thinking

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The Redskins handed in the 13th pick so quickly, it was almost the 12th pick. (Which would have made it the first time in draft history a team had unilaterally moved up.)


Can’t say I blame them. When the top-rated player on the board - Texas pass rusher Brian Orakpo - also happens to fit your needs perfectly, how much deliberation is required?


Ovechkin, Orakpo. This town ain’t big enough for more than one Big O.

Maybe Orakpo can be Double O.


Fearless prediction: Dan Snyder will think long and hard before he ever trades a second-round choice again. The lack of one likely kept him from getting Jay Cutler or Mark Sanchez.


You have to like the symmetry of the Bucs trading up to draft Josh Freeman at 17 - 31 years after they drafted Doug Williams at 17.

And Doug, let’s not forget, proceeded to wear No. 17 in Washington. (He was No. 12 with Tampa.)


There oughta be a law: If the NFL lengthens its season by two games, then it has to shorten the first round of the draft by two hours, just to even things out.


“Never play cards with a man called Doc,” a wise man once said. To which I might add: And never draft a defensive tackle nicknamed Ziggy (Hood, the 295-pound bruiser from Missouri). It just doesn’t fit the position; it’s too light, too breezy. It’s like nicknaming a middle linebacker Cuddles.

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