Joke’s off Redskins’ Davis

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Davis’ transformation began in the final three games of last season, when he played 82 snaps. It continued this winter when he worked to drop from 260 pounds to 252. Last week, Davis texted Cooley to promise he wouldn’t make any errors during practice.

“I thought that was very cool because he wants other guys on the team to hold him accountable,” Cooley said.

Said new tight ends coach Scott Wachenheim: “Fred knows where to line up. He’s playing fast, and he’s making plays. I watched every play he played last year, and where Fred has grown the most is he’s learned what to do. When you know what to do, you play fast and aggressive. When you don’t know what to do, you play hesitant.”

Where Davis was most effective Monday was finding a pocket of open space 10 to 12 yards downfield. He would catch, quickly turn and head up the field.

The Redskins are desperately seeking a third receiving option to help Cooley and Santana Moss. If injuries prevent Thomas and Kelly from filling that role, Davis could develop into an option.

“He wants to be a great player,” Zorn said. “He’s worked hard to get himself to where he is today, and I imagine as he continues through this preseason we’re going to find him more ways to get him on the field and get him the ball.”

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