- The Washington Times - Sunday, August 23, 2009


William Luksic’s letter (“Family planning is a bad plan for the populace,” Opinion, Monday) in response to my letter on overpopulation (“You dropped a population bomb on me,” Opinion, Aug. 13) was a non-response.

Did my letter mention the word abortion? No. Did I approve of gender-selection abortion? No. Did Mr. Luksic respond to my mention of the conservative Ford administration’s 1975 National Security Study Memorandum 200 report calling overpopulation a serious global problem and calling for universal availability of family-planning information and aid? No. Does Mr. Luksic know that most Americans approve of family planning and contraception? Apparently not. Does Mr. Luksic know that global warming, resource depletion and increasing pollution have made the overpopulation problem far more serious now than it was when Gerald Ford was president? Apparently not.

I don’t know about Mr. Luksic, but I want my grandchildren and their grandchildren to live in a decent, habitable world.


Silver Spring



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