- The Washington Times - Tuesday, August 25, 2009


Clifford May is entirely correct in stating that people are “shouting ‘Nazi’ at fellow Americans to score partisan points” (“Ease up on yelling ‘Nazi’,” Opinion, Web, Aug. 15). However, Mr. May’s comparative analysis of Islamic extremism shows his lack of historical knowledge. Historically accurate comparisons of Nazism are hard to come by. A good source for understanding the governance and application of Nazism in the real world can be found in the eyewitness accounts contained in the diaries of Victor Klemperer.

There are no true comparisons of Nazism. To compare communism to Nazism will only show some surface similarities. Calling someone a Nazi shows, to me at least, that the name-caller is a person with no understanding of the 12-year reign of terror in Nazi Germany.

The Nazi name-calling tirades reflect little else than blind political rage. They reveal ignorance of history and utter disregard in addressing the political problems of today.


Bristol, Conn.



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