- The Washington Times - Wednesday, August 26, 2009


Robert E. Moffit’s Op-Ed column “Government a health hazard?” (Opinion, Friday) inadequately conveys information that is important to physicians in the health reform debate. The fact is that about $250 billion of the House bill’s provisions would enhance access to care through physician-focused improvements. These include permanent repeal of the Medicare physician payment formula and payment increases for primary care and rural and underserved areas. Other improvements include increased coverage for preventive care and increased funding for and flexibility in physician work-force programs.

Mr. Moffit is behind the times and relying on a flawed analysis conducted by a wholly owned subsidy of an insurance company. The House Energy and Commerce Committee already has made important, American Medical Association-supported changes to the bill that would guarantee voluntary participation and allow physicians to negotiate payment rates in the public option.

Everyone needs to have health insurance, and Congress is still working out the details of how to accomplish this.



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