- The Washington Times - Friday, August 7, 2009


Angry rich liberals are hardly a new phenomenon (“Angry rich liberals,” Opinion, Sunday). Writers like P.G. Wodehouse and Dorothy L. Sayers got very good mileage out of spoofing the pedantic, dour, hypercritical and patronizing progressives of their time. These progressives often were independently wealthy but professed to be comrades of the working man. When we resort to pedantic, dour, hypercritical and patronizing responses, we are playing into their hands.

Mr. Sayers and Mr. Wodehouse employed wit as their weapon of choice. In response to a disparaging remark about money, Sayers’ Lord Peter Wimsey said something to the effect that money was indeed unimportant, but if one had it all his life it was a bit awkward to do without. I am inclined to believe that these parodies are more effective ripostes to the angry rich liberals than are all of the reasoned arguments in the world for the reason that they make us laugh at them and their nonsensical creeds.


Plymouth, Mich.



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