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“Perhaps nobody will show up,” she says with a chuckle.

The festival opened Thursday with the latest film from the acclaimed Irish filmmaker Conor McPherson, “The Eclipse,” starring Aidan Quinn and Ciaran Hinds. Tonight’s entry, “Garage,” is an alternately touching and sad (though mostly sad) look at the life of a nice-but-dimwitted garage attendant unable to navigate his way in the world.

Ms. Murray also recommends that people check out one of the three short-film programs. “Irish shorts have done incredibly well in the past five years at the Oscars,” she says. “They showcase a really wide array of shorts, including Irish-language shorts. It’s a quick overview of what Irish cinema looks like.”

Tickets are $10 apiece (though tickets for the midnight screenings will be available for $5 for people who sign up on the festival mailing list). For a full schedule, including times and locations, go to