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The value doesn’t translate into pay; Ehsan is the second-lowest paid men’s or women’s assistant among the ACC’s eight public schools. Only N.C. State women’s assistant Jon Harper - who, as the husband of Wolfpack coach Kellie Harper, does not draw a salary - receives less.

Ehsan’s guaranteed compensation of $66,440 includes a base salary of $60,000, an automobile allowance of $5,000 and a cell phone stipend of $1,440.

He makes 50 percent less than 12 men’s assistants from ACC public schools and earns less than Eric Konkol ($81,120) and Michael Huger ($72,800) - assistants at nearby George Mason, a strong CAA program that nonetheless does not enjoy the same financial resources as Maryland.

Elsewhere on Maryland’s staff, Driesell is guaranteed $129,468, while Booth is assured $99,881. Collectively, Maryland’s three assistants are guaranteed less money this season than Virginia assistant Ritchie McKay ($310,000).

Of the 24 assistants at the eight public ACC schools, Driesell ranks 16th, Booth 23rd and Ehsan 24th in guaranteed compensation.

Maryland’s assistants are not far removed from much larger salaries. Michael Adams (approximately $180,000 total) and Rob Moxley (approximately $160,000) were hired for the 2005-06 season. Moxley returned to Charlotte after a season and was replaced by Driesell.

Adams resigned early in the 2007-08 season and was replaced first by Joe Harrington (approximately $120,000) and then Ehsan. Harrington is earning $81,500 as the men’s basketball director of student-athlete services, a position created for him.

Driesell, Ehsan and Harrington are making a combined $277,408 - still less than the approximately $340,000 paid to Adams and Moxley, whom the trio effectively replaced.

Eaton said whenever assistants are hired for any sport, each head coach makes a recommendation for compensation based on the individual’s level of experience.

Booth, Driesell and Ehsan own a combined 22 seasons of full-time Division I experience. The figure is the lowest in the ACC but not far behind the three assistants at Duke (23), Boston College (24) and Florida State (28).

Bonuses available

Booth and Driesell receive the same car allowance ($5,000) and phone stipend ($1,440) as Ehsan. Both coaches also receive $2,500 for promotions and fundraising activities, while Driesell ($21,000) receives a slightly larger television and tournament revenue allowance than Booth ($19,500). Ehsan does not have the latter two clauses in his contract.

Driesell’s base salary is $99,528, while Booth’s is $71,441.

Driesell, who played for the Terps in the 1980s and is in his fourth season at Maryland, has 20 years of college coaching experience, 14 in Division I. Before his current stint, Driesell coached at Bishop Ireton High School in Alexandria for two years.

Booth, a third-team All-America selection for the Terps in 1997, is in his sixth season as a college assistant - all at Maryland. Booth was selected in the first round of the 1997 NBA Draft and played two seasons with the Chicago Bulls.

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