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The Redskins certainly weren’t bolstered by a pair of returning starters: tackle Albert Haynesworth (who missed three of the last four games with a sprained ankle) and cornerback DeAngelo Hall (who missed the last three games with a sprained knee).

The only notable moment for either player came during a fourth-quarter skirmish with Giants running back Brandon Jacobs that left Haynesworth charged with a personal foul and Hall having to be restrained by teammates.

By then, the game’s outcome had long since been sealed. If only the Redskins’ defense had risen to the challenge much earlier when there was still a glimmer of hope, perhaps the fourth quarter would have held some significance and perhaps the stands at FedEx would have included more than a few thousand remaining Giants fans who happily celebrated their squad’s biggest offensive showing on the road since 1954.

“I’m just disappointed and embarrassed,” Doughty said. “They just kind of did what they wanted against us on defense. That hasn’t been us this whole season. I really don’t know what happened.”