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Is it still considered bad form to talk politics during a social gathering?

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So, what does all this tell us about us? We’re pragmatic in our day-to-day life.

“We look at the weather every morning to help decide what we’re going to wear,” Ms. Espiritu says.

We also check homework assignments, bus schedules, and store locations and hours. We spend even more time connecting with people through social media and looking for the latest and juiciest details about our favorite celebrities.

Mr. Woods needn’t fret, though. Our attention span is very short. In fact, searches on the golfer are nowhere near the top 20 searches in the past 24 hours ( hottrends).

If anything, Google Zeitgeist tells us what we already know: We’re all like children - short attention spans, celebrity and peer focused, with little interest in politics or anything else too complicated.

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