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Oh, Joy

One wonders whether Joy Behar was ever blackballed, ever ate blackened fish, ordered a black and tan or black Russian, studied black holes in science class or called any fashion trend “the new black.”

The intro segment from “The View” on the day after Thanksgiving was widely shared (and laughed at and ridiculed) among conservative blogs last week. The clip shows Mrs. Behar repeatedly revealing that she thinks the term “Black Friday” is racist, while co-host Whoopi Goldberg tries her best not to laugh or ridicule the apparently serious Mrs. Behar. Here is the transcription by David Forsmark at the Front Page magazine blog News Real:

“Goldberg: Oh, hello and welcome to ‘The View.’ Today is Black Friday, all day long, And I’m going to stay black all day because of it.

“Behar: Isn’t it a little racist to call it Black Friday?

“Goldberg: [laughing] Well, I would have called it African American Friday, but that’s taking something away from it.

“Behar: [still serious] But there’s a negative connotation to it? Or does it mean something else?

“Goldberg: [patiently] No, it’s like when you make all the money — you’re ‘in the black.’

“Behar: So it’s positive?

“Goldberg: Yeah. It’s in the black, so it’s a huge great thing.

“Behar: A lot of times, like blackmail is negative, black sheep.

“Goldberg: Black people.

“Behar: No, not black people.

“Goldberg: But it used to be, it used to be.”

The scene left Mr. Forsmark admiring Miss Goldberg’s poise.

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