- The Washington Times - Sunday, February 1, 2009

January is over? Already?!

Why is time going by so fast? Is it double-parked somewhere?

I haven’t gotten used to writing “2009” on my checks yet!

I can’t find where they’ve moved all my favorite TV shows!

I’m still eating Thanksgiving turkey! It isn’t good, but I’m still eating it.


Warner Bros. — which owns the Bugs Bunny cartoons — is being forced to cut its staffing by 10 percent because of the economic downturn.

Now don’t worry. Warner Bros. isn’t going to lay off Bugs — or Daffy Duck, for that matter. They are top earners.

But some of those “underperformers” should be worried.

I mean, Foghorn Leghorn talks a big game, but what has he done lately?

The Tasmanian Devil hasn’t been himself since anger management. And working as a florist? Please!

The “cute” factor will keep Tweety Bird’s job safe, but how long can Sylvester the Cat work in customer service with that lisp?

Elmer Fudd can always fall back on his first job — teaching English as a second language. But Porky Pig had better beware: He’s just breakfast on the hoof.


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