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44 percent said improving the military.

43 percent said tax cuts.

41 percent cited the environment.

30 percent cited global warming.

Source: Pew Research Center survey of 1,503 adults conducted Jan. 7-11.

Days of yore

The U.S. Supreme Court convened for the first time in New York City on this day in 1790, with Chief Justice John Jay presiding.

She wrote her dramatic stanzas based on chapter 63 of the Book of Isaiah. Instant hit. “The Battle Hymn of the Republic,” by Julia Ward Howe was first published in the “Atlantic Monthly” on this day 147 years ago.

Ever hopeful, Richard M. Nixon announced his candidacy for the presidency on Feb. 1, 1968; he won. And for what it’s worth, President Carter legalized home-brewing on this day in 1979.

In black dress and pearls, former White House intern Monica Lewinsky gave a deposition exactly 10 years ago today, detailing her dalliance with President Clinton. The videotaped statement was shown to lawmakers weighing impeachment charges against Mr. Clinton. Miss Lewinsky went on to write a book, found a business and obtain a master’s degree in social psychology from the London School of Economics.

Vested interest

Set fire to your closets, folks, it’s the ‘70s all over. Or the ‘40s, anyway. Three-piece suits are now the uniform of choice for savvy politicos, young and old — that’s right, the vested look has returned. But is such swank fare possible in the age of economic decline? Maybe.

From Indochino, these made-to-measure, hand-tailored men’s suits range from $319 to $499, are 100 percent wool, fully lined, with two- or three-button “European slim” jackets featuring two vents. The trousers are flat-front and somewhat tapered, the maker says.

“Many of our customers are in their thirties, working in law, politics, or finance. They need to have a few really great suits for their work but they might not have the Hugo Boss budget just yet,” says founder Kyle Vucko.

All suits are ordered online, and there’s free shipping and alterations. Consult this new sartorial world at

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