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I wish the information on the birds and the fish could have been expanded beyond the very cursory pictures and migration information. Also, what about a bit of an homage to the books, along with the encouragement to pick one up and read a good mystery?

Despite those minor annoyances, I can see why these titles are such a hit with casual gamers.

Age Range: The game is intended for players 10 years old through adults, but I think it might take a slightly older child to work through the game without parental assistance. Then again, it’s often the younger players who are much quicker than their older counterparts.

Final Advice: When I played this game with a fan of the Nancy Drew books, there was some disappointment that her mythology is not evident beyond the name of the character and that she is a “young, female detective.”

The games should not only highlight an interactive adventure but also, much like the books, open imaginations to exotic and far-off places and leave the player not only solving a good mystery with their heroine, but also learning a little bit about the world.

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