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At the Center for Health Transformation, Jim Frogue is developing an anti-fraud program for Medicare and Medicaid, while Dave Merritt is developing a comprehensive new market-oriented health plan for all Americans.

At American Solutions, there is an American Energy, Jobs and Prosperity plan being built that will turn American energy assets (including clean coal, ethanol, more production of oil and natural gas, new technologies from hydrogen to wind and solar and a vastly expanded nuclear-power program, as well as a dramatic modernization of the electric grid and an expansion of conservation) into money that stays here at home.

The next building boom ought to be in America instead of the Middle East, and the future of American energy consumption should be built on paying Americans rather than paying Venezuela, Iran, Russia or any other unreliable foreign country. OPEC’s efforts to cut production and raise prices should remind us that the time to invest in new energy resources is now, before the next crisis.

Finally, the conservative movement has to learn to reach out to every American who wants a better future through freedom, hard work and opportunity.

At the 1976 Republican National Convention, Mr. Reagan made a real point of speaking directly to independents and Democrats as well as Republicans. One-third of Mr. Reagan’s support in 1984 came from Democrats.

The conservative movement represents all Americans who are tired of big government corruption, big government taxes, big government inflation and big government politicians. That is a much broader audience than partisan Republicans.

The next few years will see a stunning resurgence of conservatism if we simply follow these three principles.

• Mr. Gingrich, a former speaker of the U.S. House of Representatives, and his wife, Callista, are executive producers of a new film biography, “Ronald Reagan: a Rendezvous with Destiny,” available at