- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 11, 2009

This may be the world’s most romantic wine. Pale salmon in color, it comes in a squat, old-fashioned bottle of the sort that Rick and Ilsa might have opened at La Belle Aurore in Paris. Made only with pinot noir grapes, it tastes deliciously delicate, with flavors that resemble barely ripe spring berries, enhanced by just a hint of doughy yeast. I can’t imagine a better wine with which to toast your valentine.

Romance, however, doesn’t come cheap. Though you may find this wine discounted severely from time to time in Washington shops, it always costs more than a pretty penny. That’s because production costs are steep and demand for it is high. So it’s a wine to save for a special splurge with a special someone.

A high-quality rose champagne like this one will taste dry or “brut,” so it is best enjoyed either on its own or with savory, even slightly spicy dishes. It definitely is not a good dessert partner, as sweets will make it taste shrill and tart. On Valentine’s Day, it will be an especially good wine to share while watching a romantic movie. “Casablanca” maybe?



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