- The Washington Times - Sunday, February 15, 2009

Confessions of a Shopaholic.” Yeah, like anybody wants to see a movie about Hank Steinbrenner.


If Adam Dunn keeps hitting 40 homers a year, the Nationals will look like geniuses for signing him.

If not, they’ll look like Dunn-derheads.

Either that, or it’ll be Dunn-kirk for the Lerner clan. Take your pick.


OK, I’m Dunn dreaming up hypothetical headlines.


Nats hypemeister Jim Bowden has compared Dunn to Reggie Jackson and Harmon Killebrew. Then again, you could also describe the former Reds slugger as “Dave Kingman with twice as many walks.”


Surely you recall Kingman, the ol’ boom-or-bust infielder-outfielder with the Giants, Mets, Cubs and others. Here’s how he stacks up against the Nationals’ newest acquisition in various categories:

Home runs per 100 at bats: Dunn 7.2, Kingman 6.6.

Runs created per 100 at bats: Dunn 28.2, Kingman 25.

Strikeout frequency: Dunn 26.4 percent of plate appearances, Kingman 24.4.

Height: Dunn 6-foot-6, Kingman 6-foot-6.

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