LAMBRO: Tamed deficit tigers

Propublica also reported last week that in crunching the figures in the stimulus bill for about $100 billion in transportation and infrastructure projects, it “found that states with high unemployment are getting less money per-capita or even per-unemployed worker than states with low unemployment.”

For example, Rhode Island with 9.3 percent jobless gets $193 million, while Virginia, with 4.8 percent unemployment, gets $890.6 million.

And now lists all of the projects that are being funded under President Obama’s plan, many of which raise questions as to need.

In Lewiston, Maine, for instance, $2.6 million will be spent to build a bike and pedestrian path. In Portland, Maine, $2 million will be spent for a skateboard park; $1 million for a bike-ped trail; $2.5 million to restore a pond; and $500,000 to replace the city’s fleet of police cruisers and SUVs. This is just a small sampling of what the Blue Dogs voted for, and no doubt there’s more to come. Stay tuned.

Donald Lambro, chief political correspondent of The Washington Times, is a nationally syndicated columnist.

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Donald Lambro

Donald Lambro

Donald Lambro is the chief political correspondent for The Washington Times, the author of five books and a nationally syndicated columnist. His twice-weekly United Feature Syndicate column appears in newspapers across the country, including The Washington Times. He received the Warren Brookes Award For Excellence In Journalism in 1995 and in that same year was the host and co-writer of ...

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