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“So always look on the bright side of death

“Just before you draw your terminal breath.”

(Words and music by Eric Idle).

It would be easier to be cheerful if Mr. Obama wasn’t telling us this week he is going to put us trillions of dollars in deficit this year pouring money down various rat holes, while saving money by leaving Iraq before victory can be secured, cutting other defense programs, taxing energy, taking a first cut at totally screwing health care (but first expanding health-care entitlements even though we are almost insolvent).

All this, and more, he proposes in order to “get exploding deficits under control” and as an act of “fiscal responsibility.” As independent analysts estimate that the universal coverage entitlement to which Mr. Obama aspires will cost $200 billion a year, I would argue that if he wants to stop “exploding deficits,” perhaps he could begin by not lighting the fuse of large deficit bombs.

After going nuts borrowing money on which our children will still be paying interest in 2039 (the maturity date for a 30-year Treasury note issued this year), he offers “fiscal responsibility” by his claim to reduce the deficit he has just created by taxing the crap out of business and anyone left with a decent-paying job.

Yes, that’s the ticket. Promise to raise taxes on any person and any business that still produces anything while promising to give yet more hundreds of billions to people who are already a burden on working Americans.

Some people claim that although Mr. Obama was born in 1961, and thus is technically a baby boomer - he is really a post-boomer. Just as he is post-racial (while his attorney general calls Americans cowards for not blathering on about race.)

But regretfully Mr. Obama is the very embodiment of my boomer generation. We will go down in history as the generation that was given everything, took everything, and left nothing - except debt, debt, debt.

Tony Blankley is the author of “American Grit: What It Will Take To Survive and Win in the 21st Century” and vice president of the Edelman public-relations firm in Washington.