- The Washington Times - Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I work with many manufacturing companies that have laid folks off in the last 60 days. President Obama calls out mayors and governors if they waste the federal funds they are appropriated. However, its hard to take seriously the direness of the situation when so much of the stimulus package is spent on frivolous pork such as $8 billion to get gamblers from Los Angeles to Las Vegas and $2 billion to a community organization, Association of Community Organizations for Reform Now (ACORN) that gets out the vote.

If discretionary items like that were affordable, I assume a tax hike in the future isn’t likely, right? As an executive recruiter for manufacturing companies for 28 years, I see not one item in the $1 trillion stimulus package that will incentivize companies such as B/E Aerospace Inc., Hubner-USA, Sirona, John Deere, Black & Decker, Triumph Group Inc., Sandvik, Thomas Built Buses Inc., Kearfott Corp., etc., to go out and expedite their purchase of a machine tool or accelerate the plant expansion they had in mind. That’s where the jobs come from. Hard manufacturing is the spine of industry… not civil engineering of a bridge or road project.


Charlotte, N.C.



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