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Mr. McCain sent out his e-mail Tuesday under the auspices of his political action committee, Country First PAC.

The PAC didn’t return a call for comment.

Mr. Obama’s e-mail Monday is certain to have reached millions more supporters. Mr. Obama amassed a list of 13 million e-mail addresses during his presidential campaign, and he urged them to attend house parties this weekend to demonstrate support for the massive spending bill, which the president says will create jobs and stabilize the economy.

Mr. McCain, in a separate statement Tuesday, questioned much of the bill and challenged Mr. Obama to live up to his pledge to fund only projects that demonstrated they would create jobs.

“Someone needs to explain to me how giving tens of millions of dollars to the National Endowment for the Arts, or the Smithsonian museums will reverse the ‘devastating effects of the economic crisis,’ ” the senator said. “It would be comical if this weren’t such a serious issue.”