- The Washington Times - Sunday, January 18, 2009

Did you see Tiger Woods is going to take part in the Obama inauguration?

The word on the street, by the way, is that the president-elect might appoint Tiger to a new Cabinet post - secretary of tee times.


Actually, Obama has so many things on his plate that he likely won’t be golfing much. Indeed, the national deficit is so large that he might want to rent out the White House putting green to parties.


The over-under for Sunday’s Steelers-Ravens game is 33. I’m just not sure whether it’s 33 points or 33 stretchers.


With Baltimore coming to town, Pittsburgh mayor Luke Ravenstahl filled out the paperwork to - temporarily, at least - change his name to Steelerstahl.

One more thing, Mr. Mayor. If you’re tailgating before the game - or chowing down in a luxury box - it’s OK to say, “I’m starving” but not “I’m ravenous.”


Almost every NFL stadium has a system that enables fans to text message security if they’re bothered by unruly behavior.

Just wondering: Does this behavior include roughing the passer?


The only stadiums that don’t have such a system are in New Orleans, St. Louis and Tennessee.

I’m not sure whether those teams are behind the times or whether, like me, their fans just don’t know how to text message.

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