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Pet peeve: Despite what you may have heard after the Cardinals lost a 24-6 lead to the Eagles last Sunday, 18 points ISN’T the largest blown lead in an NFL conference championship game. Everybody is forgetting about the Lions-49ers playoff for the Western Conference title in 1957. The Niners were up 20 points, 27-7, early in the second half and wound up losing 31-27.

(Hey, a conference championship game is a conference championship game, whether it’s the AFC, NFC or, before the 1970 merger, the Eastern or Western Conference.)


And finally …

An amateur soccer club in London, Bishop Auckland FC, had a moment of silence before a match recently for one of its most illustrious players, Tommy Farrer. Afterward, an official called Farrer’s wife “to offer condolences,” the Associated Press reported.

“A surprised Gladys Farrer said her husband had indeed departed - but only for a few minutes to buy a newspaper and would be back soon if the official wanted to talk to him.”

Yes, Tommy Farrer, 86 years young, is still alive and kicking.

Well, he’s alive, anyway. I’m not sure I’d want him taking any penalty shots for me.

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