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Separately (or maybe not), “Kyros” at My Pet Jawa picked up on more reports of ethnic Somali U.S. citizens (whom he calls “traitors” throughout) turning up in Somalia to engage in jihad.

“Somaliland authorities arrested 11 Somali-Americans in connection to the smuggling of anti-aircraft weapons. The 11 Somali-Americans were trained by al-Shabaab, aka the African Taliban, and according to authorities were supposed to carry out attacks in the capital,” he wrote, adding that 15 Somali-Americans have been arrested, with at least five more missing and presumed on the loose.

His co-blogger Rusty Shackleford updated the post by noting that the arrests came shortly after federal authorities closed down the al-Shabaab U.S.-hosted Web site, which it suspected of engaging in recruiting. “There is some speculation that the two events are related,” Mr. Shackleford wrote.

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