- - Thursday, January 29, 2009


Retirement pay given to Native militia

ANCHORAGE — Alaska’s congressional delegation said the secretary of the Army has decided to use emergency funds to supplement retirement payments for veterans of a largely Native militia that were reduced because of a technicality in a federal law.

Army officials last week said a military analysis had misinterpreted a federal law qualifying time served in the unpaid guard as active federal service. The pay would have ended Feb. 1.

The delegation said an emergency fund will be used for one-time payments for 26 veterans while Congress works to fix the law.


CEO gets jail for bison slaying

FAIRPLAY — A software executive has been sentenced to 10 days in jail for authorizing the slaughter of 32 of his neighbor’s bison that wandered onto his Colorado ranch.

Jeff Hawn of Austin, Texas, pleaded guilty in November to criminal mischief and animal cruelty. He was sentenced Wednesday.

Prosecutors said Hawn gave 14 hunters permission to hunt the bison on his Park County land. The carcasses were found in March.

As part of a plea agreement, Hawn paid $83,000 to the bison’s owner, $70,000 to charities and $4,000 to the sheriff’s department.


Teen in taped beating pleads guilty

BARTOW — One of five teenagers accused in the videotaped beating of a Florida girl has accepted a plea deal.

Mercades Nichols pleaded guilty to battery and tampering with a witness Tuesday. The state attorney’s office said a kidnapping charge was dropped.

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