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Extras and unlockables: Progress through the game to learn a bit about Norse mythology and Lara’s past through her accumulating journal entries. Also, collect relics and treasures to unlock collections of concept art.

Read all about it: Check out “Tomb Raider Compendium Edition” ($59.99) for Top Cow Productions’ complete 50-issue run of its monthly sequential-art ode to Lara Croft. The 1999-to-2005 series featured the talents of Dan Jurgens, Michael Turner and David Wohl and the heroine in as little clothing as possible.

Pixel-popping scale: 9.0 out of 10. As stated, Lara has never looked more lifelike in high definition, down to the dirt accumulating on various parts of her body and complemented by the incredible lush depth of the terrain around her. Surprisingly, the game action looks better than the cut scenes.

The bad news: I curse that annoying and difficult-to-control camera. It gave me a headache and cost Lara her life numerous times during any difficult-to-traverse catacomb.

What’s it worth? It’s too bad Lara Croft: Underworld got lost during the holiday crunch and had to compete against the mind-boggling efforts of Gears of War and Resistance 2 for gamers’ dollars. The title is slightly more enjoyable than the similar platforming acrobatics seen in Prince of Persia and offers dynamism to satisfy both Lara’s fans and those new to her exploits.

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