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THE PRESIDENT: For me, prayer is wisdom and strength, protect my family; protect the troops. Look, you make the best decisions you can at the time and you listen to a lot of advisers who are here to provide you good, sound advice. I´m spiritual; I´m not mystical.

Q: What does that mean?

THE PRESIDENT: It means that I don´t hear voices. I don´t hear voices. I know that I have to make tough calls based upon the circumstances at the time. And so that´s why I say, for me, prayer is a very personal, personal matter.

Q: Have you been asked for any advice from your successor, other than—.

THE PRESIDENT: Not really. I had a very good meeting with the president-elect. I was impressed by his demeanor and impressed by his love of his family. And I told him I´d be available after the presidency if he cared to ask my opinions.

Q: What did he say to that?

THE PRESIDENT: He said, fine; you know, sure. I think he´s going to find that he´ll get plenty of opinions, and he´s going to have to choose whose voices are most credible, as he sorts through these different issues that he´ll face.

Q: There have only been 43 of you.

THE PRESIDENT: That´s right.

Q: And what should he expect that he may not be expecting?

THE PRESIDENT: Well, I think, you know, it is clear that we are in an era where the homeland is under threat, and that will become very evident to him as time goes on. And I´m confident it already is evident to him.

And so what you´ve got to worry about is, it´s not unexpected that the enemy wants to hit us, but you got to worry about how they intend to try to hit us.

And, inevitably, a crisis will arise over who knows where, and the United States will be drawn into it. There will be natural disasters — no telling how many hurricanes I´ve been through — a lot — or tornadoes or fires. So he´ll have to be ready to deal with those.

Q: Harry Truman went home without any money. Dwight Eisenhower retired to his farm in Gettysburg. Only recently have ex-presidents started making a lot of money — six-figure speeches, that sort of thing. What are you going to do? Probably write the book, right?

THE PRESIDENT: I am going to write a book. I am going to set up an institute at Southern Methodist University to talk about many of the ideals we´ve been discussing here in this interview. I´m concerned about a country that says that isolationism is okay — it´s not okay as far as I´m concerned — or protectionism is the way to go from an economic perspective. I worry about people saying, ‘well, you know, we shouldn´t be in the lead on certain issues.´

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