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Mr. Riddle’s lawyer, David Steingold, said his client has not been indicted and has neither been offered nor accepted a plea deal in the political scandal. Mr. Steingold said Mr. Riddle has told the truth about his business connections to Mrs. Conyers and is “bewildered” by any allegations that he acted improperly.

Mr. Steingold also defended the congressman, saying that Mr. Riddle “has absolutely no information that Congressman Conyers had any knowledge of or participation in any wrongdoing. My client believes that Rep. Conyers is beyond reproach, something I fully concur in. There has been nothing suggested by anyone including the government that suggests the congressman has done anything wrong.”

In a separate incident, Mr. Riddle confirmed that Mrs. Conyers took jewelry and money from a Southfield, Mich., pawnshop owner, who had also hired him as a consultant for crisis management after she had negotiated a deal on Mr. Riddle’s behalf. He said he received a five-figure fee and also a watch for his consulting work.

“This was not connected to the city of Detroit in any manner. I was given in addition to a five figure sum, a watch, and it appears that she left the store with some jewelry,” Mr. Riddle said of the deal. “I don’t know what prior arrangement she may have had with the owner. I know my watch was part of the retainer. But she did not work directly with me or indirectly on the project itself.”