- The Washington Times - Thursday, July 2, 2009


Your Monday editorial “Aloha, Star Wars” warrants a “mahalo” from those of us who live in Hawaii. It’s worth noting that the people of Hawaii once before heard the phrase, “Don’t worry about it” - just before Japanese planes let loose an attack on Pearl Harbor that many “experts” had said would be impossible to accomplish.

Defending against an incoming missile with our present ship-based technology is akin to a scenario in which someone throws a rock at your house and you try to deflect it by throwing back a pebble from your backyard, hoping they will collide in midair. If Washington is serious about defending Honolulu, it ought to start spending more money on antiballistic missile defense and stop cutting research, development and procurement of missile-defense systems. We woke up to smoke rising from Pearl Harbor seven decades ago. We do not want to wake up to a mushroom cloud here in Hawaii.


Waipahu, Hawaii



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