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Rank, team Record Comment

1. DODGERS 58-34Even with a big lead in West, they can’t get complacent.

2. RED SOX 55-36 Julio Lugo gets released. All of New England celebrates.

3. YANKEES 54-37 That was a big sweep of the Tigers to open second half.

4. ANGELS 52-38 They ruined Brett Anderson’s no-hit bid in Oakland.

5. RAYS 51-41 The strangest sight at the All-Star Game: five Rays players.

6. PHILLIES 51-38 Having won eight straight, maybe they don’t need Roy Halladay.

7. GIANTS 50-41 Time for Brian Sabean to add a bat to a great pitching team.

8. ROCKIES 50-42 The Jim Tracy surge is no longer a fluke.

9. CARDINALS 51-43 Albert Pujols will take homers in games instead of the derby any day.

10. TIGERS 48-42 They got swept by the Yankees; are they for real or not?

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