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That is Tebow, who is not merely the face of college football because of his talent. He is open, genuine and unflappable around those looking to find flaws in his seemingly fairy-tale existence.

He later added: “I understand that I’m going to get some off-the-wall questions, and this was just another one.”

Outrageous questions used to be limited to Super Bowl week. But now, anyone with a modem, Internet platform and media badge can think up incredibly churlish questions.

Tim, have you ever looked at photographs of women in varying states of undress? Tim, do you think you are the only virgin playing college football today?

An enterprising sort could mine a lot of material with variations of the virgin question, which is why Tebow was whisked away from those looking to make follow-up questions.

Tim, have you always been a virgin? Will that be a requirement of your wife-to-be?

See, once someone goes down this path, nothing is seen as too tasteless.

Tebow handled the moment with aplomb and even joked with his inquisitors to lighten the mood.

Tebow may not be the top-rated NFL prospect at his position. But he is the best there is in college football. And he is a publicist’s dream.

He could give all too many NFL players lessons on how to cope with being under a microscope.