- The Washington Times - Friday, July 3, 2009


With its passage of the cap, tax and oppression bill, Congress has taken a major step toward eliminating this country’s illegal immigration problem (“Obama peddles climate bill to Senate,” Page 1, Sunday).

In the unhappy event that the Senate follows suit and the measure is signed into law, illegal immigrants will quickly return to their own countries to await the massive exportation of American jobs that will ensue as our economy is devastated by this legislative tomfoolery. They are the ones who ultimately will be building the walls at their borders to keep out desperate, unemployed Americans.

Spreading our hard-earned wealth around the world has been the thinly veiled goal of the eco-jihadists all along. I just never imagined that a majority of the members of any major legislative body in this country would ever - knowingly or unknowingly - join them in the perpetration of this subversive hoax.


Phoenix, Md.



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