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Geeky or not, SABR members have been responsible for something of a revolution in baseball, as teams have grown more accepting of the use of statistical analysis to evaluate players. After putting up early resistance, 28 of 30 major league teams have full-time sabermetricians on staff. Author Bill James, a legend among SABR members, is now a consultant with the Boston Red Sox, while several Baseball Prospectus writers have been hired by major league clubs.

The next frontier, attendees said, is in the area of evaluating player defense. Ms. Kahrl and others are atingle over the introduction of “Pitch Fx” data, including information on the angle and velocity of pitches and batted balls.

Meanwhile, SABR members continue to dig into baseball history, frequently uncovering new information about games and players. The organization’s latest project is an effort to collect 1,500-word biographies on every player who ever played the game. Mr. Brown, the local chapter president, is neck-deep in research on John Walter “Duster” Mails, who pitched for three teams between 1915 and 1926 and helped lead the Cleveland Indians to the 1920 American League pennant.

“I know a lot about him, and I think a lot of people should,” Mr. Brown said. “He was a very interesting character.”